FALL 2019

I oversaw the post-production process for this campaign and art directed the styled stills.

Creative Direction: James DeMolet and Stacey Howard

Styling: Rachel

Retouching: Anthony Martinez

Holiday campaign with chloe horseman and molly blutstein

I directed, produced, and oversaw retouching for this social media campaign

Photographer: Matthew Hawkes

Retouching: Anthony Martinez

Model and stylist: Molly Blutstein



A social media campaign for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018 that I concepted & art directed.

Photographer: Matthew Hawkes

Retoucher: Anthony Martinez

Stylist: Mariya Ibragimova


Social Media

These are photographs I shot on iPhone for use on Superga social media channels.

Retouching: Yasma, Anthony Martinez & myself.